Meet Rebecca


Rebecca is that female, owner, operator, and creator you heard about in our business introduction. Rebecca is a southern girl with California Dreams and the heart of a hippie! 


She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina where she is a wife, a stepmother, a daughter, a friend, and now a BUSINESS OWNER! But this is far from the first time Rebecca has made a name for herself in her not-so-small-town.

Prior to launching Wholesome Living Rebecca has been many things including: 

  • Board Certified International Health Coach,   CIHC

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach,   Integrated Institute of Nutrition

  • Certified Nutrition Coach,  Nutritious Life Nutrition School

  • Certified Fitness Trainer

And that’s not including her Bachelors of Science in Public Health. This girl does NOT like to slow down.

How’d we get here?

Right before launching Wholesome Living Rebecca was a wellness coach and she focused a lot of her time and energy on that business; Faithfully Rooted.


At its core, it was a passion project that combined Rebecca’s knowledge and education in public and personal health and wellness with her passion for helping those around her. She loved it. 


Like all good things, however, its time had to come to an end.


Rebecca has always been a free spirit and a person driven by her goals and passion. While she enjoyed helping others learn the beauty and simplicity of eating wholesome foods she realized that there was more to wellness than just nourishing the body.


She realized we all needed to nourish our souls, our planet, and our fellow humans as much as we were nourishing ourselves.


Wholesome Living was the natural evolution of the dedication Rebecca has to improve the lives of others and her love of God’s naturally awe-inspiring world. 


She is an unapologetic lover of Jesus!



Rebecca would also love to hear from you.