Faithful Roots Tribe! 



Let's be real for a moment. How many times have you attempted to eat healthier, start working out, and learn more about nutrition on your own, but then stopped because you felt alone in the process? Have you ever wished for an online community of like-minded soul sisters making changes together, guided by a trained wellness pro so you had no doubt you were on the right path? Then you are in the right place!

How Does it Work?

Once you enroll, you will get exclusive access to your private membership where you will find all the goodies you need to join the journey, wherever you are at.

Join us weekly for updates or go at your own speed. Some days we have hours to learn; others we have none! I get it.

With this format, once you are in, all the information is there and yours forever. Rewatch videos, download recipes for later, interact with the tribe when you can.

There will be a private Facebook page, which is for members only!

What's Inside the Membership?


Each month we will be working on one aspect of primary and secondary health (hint: its not just about the food!) where Rebecca will educate and follow up homework will be given so you can dig deeper! If you've got a competitive spirit, you'll love our monthly challenge!


Each month Rebecca will provide you with a nutritious clean eating recipe guide, suggested meal plans, grocery lists, and guidance designed to help you take the guesswork out of when, when, and how to eat in a healthy way. Without calorie counting, deprivation, or restriction. 


Rebecca will take you through various topics of health and wellness to make sure every aspect of your life is covered. Knowledge is power. One topic per month as to not overwhelm! They are all based on the pillars since consistency is key.


Rebecca will guide you through intentional movement to incorporate into your busy schedule.



If you sign up to be part of the #faithfullrootstribe, you will receive access to a unique supportive group of people who are on a similar search, but a different path than you. This community is a safe space where growth is encouraged and accountability is offered!

Is It Right For You?

THE FAITHFUL ROOTS TRIBE MEMBERSHIP is a program tailored to meet you where you currently are in your health journey and help you reach your individual goals to go wherever it is you want to go.


Whether you're wanting to:


- Lose weight in a healthy, lasting way

- Improve your lifestyle, health + happiness

- Introduce prayer, yoga, meditation + relaxation into your life

- Decrease stress

- Learn all there is to know about nutrition + exercise

- Be kept accountable

- Improve the appearance of your skin, hair + nails

- Treat uncomfortable emotional eating issues

- Be organized about meal planning 

- Prime your  immune system

- Help your daily habits make a difference on our earth

- Have a support group where you know you're not alone

- Or you just want to improve your general overall well being, feeling + motivation


Then #FaithfulRootsTribe is for you... 

What You Get!



  • Health + Wellness Topic of the Month Recorded Webinar

  • Healthy Recipe Guide 

  • Shopping list based on teaching topic

  • Homework assignments (what to focus on that month for maximum results!)

  • Health Challenge - compete (against yourself!)

  • 60-Minute Group Coaching Call with Rebecca

      (This call will be a mix of topic-focused coaching and Q&A.)


  • Healthy Suggested Meal Guide (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)

  • Food Focus: Learn the Benefits

  • Weekly Goal Accountability 

  • Inspo! Quotes, verses, poems...we all need it, always!

  • Gut Tip

  • Suggested Workouts

  • Product Fave 

As soon as you sign up, you'll get access to:

  • Daily Wellness Journal (digital format to keep you on track)

    • SMART Goals Sheet​

    • Daily Food Diary

    • Morning + Evening Intentions 

    • Weekly Meal Planner

  • PrivateFacebook invite to enter the tribe


This price is for the initial LAUNCH only and will not be available for long! I am taking into consideration everyone's unique COVID-19 situation and the uncertainty this economy brings, I am offering a steep discount. Enroll while it lasts! 




*cancel anytime




*two months free!

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