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3 Ways to Incorporate Natural Elements in Your Home

The world of interior design is always evolving and changing to align with the new hip, cool trends in style at the time. The digital world has only exacerbated that and the turnaround time between when trends are in and out seems to get shorter and shorter every time. One trend remains constant, however. People are always looking for ways to make their houses feel like homes.

While design tastes vary between people of different backgrounds, ages, and locations, the digital world has enhanced the transfer of information significantly. One style that seems to remain popular, and is gaining more and more traction each year, is naturalistic home decor and design.

Naturalistic design incorporates using elements directly from nature, or inspired by it in the home. The philosophy behind this idea is that having these components inside the house creates a holistic experience, and the relaxing elements from nature can transform the mood inside the home. Studies have been conducted and shown that naturalistic interior design can heavily impact productivity. With people spending more and more time in their homes, this has become an important aspect to nail down.

Here are some of the most effective elements for creating a nature inspired space in your home:

Natural Lighting

Natural Lighting

Better use of natural lighting in interior spaces can have a drastic impact on the experience in the space. This can be done by incorporating an intentional method of design with the placement of windows, skylights, and sunrooms when designing new spaces.

Highlighting the outside sources of light in your home can enrich the space, and can done by adding decorative curtains or sheers to make them a focal point in the room.

Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

A more decorative element in home decor, indoor plants can enhance spaces in multiple ways. Not only are they a refreshing form of decoration that can brighten a space, but they also create an ecosystem inside the home that the inhabitants would need to care for. The act of caring for and tending to indoor plants is an experience replicative of life outdoors.

Indoor plant use inside the home is naturalistic design at its core. This can be in the form of live plants or bouquets of dried flowers accentuating a dark corner in a room. There are options for any and every level of caretaker, and an expert green thumb is not necessary!

Color Palettes

Color Palettes

While incorporating colors in a home can be a creative outlet for some, colors cause a significant impact in the feel of a space. Using a color palette that resembles natural elements can create a more tranquil, relaxing space and can even evoke certain emotions in the occupant.

This doesn’t mean that the only colors that should be used are neutral whites, browns, and beiges. Some of the most effective colors that can be incorporated are greens, blues, and even yellow tones. Color psychology has proven that different colors are more effective in specific spaces, and using nature inspired tones can transform a space.

At Wholesome Home Living, our carefully curated home decor elements are all inspired by nature. Stop by our Charlotte or Boone locations today to find the perfect pieces for your home!

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