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Simple Ways to Improve Digestion

Life is no less than a blessing. In order to make the most out of this one-time chance, you have to stay healthy and fit. I believe that nothing is more important than your health and you must make efforts to ensure that your body is in a healthy condition and all your body systems are functioning correctly. The healthier you are, the happier your life will be. And to stay healthy, you need to be careful about your diet.

In addition to several other factors, an essential element on which your overall wellbeing depends is the efficiency of your digestive system. The adequately functioning digestive system is crucially important for boosting your health and offers numerous benefits. Therefore, you must make efforts to improve your digestion.

For those who are looking for some helpful tips for enhancing the functioning of the digestive system, I am here with some useful solutions. I follow the below-mentioned tips for avoiding any digestive issues and getting the most out of the food I consume.

Thorough and Slow Chewing of Food

The more you chew your food, the easier it becomes for your stomach to digest it. When you chew your food thoroughly and slowly, it breaks down into smaller particles and mixes with saliva which contains digestive enzymes that assist in the process of proper assimilation and digestion of food. Thus, your thorough chewing reduces the workload of digestive organs and help in efficient food digestion. Therefore, you must make sure you eat slowly and chew mindfully.

In addition to helping in easy digestion, the proper chewing of food also helps in reducing body weight. Some research studies suggest that the slower you eat, the more your appetite decreases.

Avoid Water intake during Meals

I would suggest you not to drink water with your meals. It is always better to have a glass of water before you start eating food. In fact, if you have water about half an hour before your meal, it can promote a feeling of fullness which will help you in eating less. Besides, if you want to drink water after the meal, make sure you do so at least twenty minutes after your last bite. You might be surprised to know that excessive water intake during meals results in a smelly breath and excessive bloating. To avoid both these undesirable conditions, I suggest you prevent consumption water with your food.

Eat Mindfully

I have seen many of the patients who have the habit of eating mindlessly. They eat while sitting in front of a laptop or while using their smartphone. This is really dangerous for your health because you have no idea how much you may eat mindlessly while being engrossed in your movie or game. Therefore, you must disconnect yourself from everything including Television, computer, and phone and just focus on your food when it is time for a meal. Make sure you pay attention to the texture, flavors, and smell of your food and eat mindfully and slowly. It will not only help in digestion but also assist in maintaining a balanced weight by eating a controlled quantity of food.

Add Spices and Herbs with Every Meal

My meals are never complete without herbs and spices. They don’t only add taste to my food but also offer numerous health benefits including assistance in digestion by the breakdown and effective absorption of food particles. Some of the most essential spices and herbs that I use for improved digestion include:


· Turmeric is a fruitful choice for better gut health. Moreover, it facilitates the reduction of inflammation, lowering of abdominal pain and protects the liver.


· If you want to get rid of stomach cramps, coriander is an excellent option. Besides, it can help with pathogenic infections and pain.


· It facilitates the protection of the gastrointestinal system, improves overall food digestion and lowers stomach cramps.


If you want to improve your digestion, you must make sure you eat slowly, avoid mindless eating and add some herbs and spices in your daily diet. Besides, avoiding water with meals can also help in improving food digestion.

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