An Invite To Change your Soul...

We are offering this magical weekend of movement, nutrition, nature, mind/body connection and FUN to you because we believe that you can help us grow in this journey. Your support is so important.


We are offering the weekend at cost and are so excited to have you be a part of our first chapters. And the inaugural ESCAPE by invitation only.

September 27 to September 29.

Blue Ridge Mountain Club

Join Us

$395 per person includes the entire weekend of fabulous accommodations, superb views, food, beverage, movement and friendship. Plus, we have a couple of surprises for you!

The Ladies Behind the Event

Life. It’s grand, it’s surprising, it’s stressful, it’s scary and it’s ever changing. I have embraced this journey so far. I am so spiritually connected to people and the world. I am always astonished to know that we never stop growing and learning and evolving. Let’s not even mention all the amazing people you meet along the journey.

After over 20 years in the fitness industry, I have come to appreciate the hopes and goals we all share. We all ride the roller coaster of life. The question is how do we handle that ride? I know that movement and meditation bring so much to my life that I never want to stop sharing that with others. I believe the only way that we can feel complete is to involve the body, mind and spirit to work and grow together.  I look forward to the honesty and discussions that take place over this special weekend.

Let’s hold hands and enter into a celebration of US and walk away

knowing that we are renewed, revived and loved! 

A Minute to Breathe, 

Kim Carriglio

My goal is to inspire others to live mindful, simple, and whole! I am a big hippie at heart.  I love nature, Jesus and my family. 


Eating clean food, breathing deeply and moving intentionally throughout the day are the centerpiece of my personal health plan.  My passion is helping others cultivate these habits into their lives. It is not just about food and exercise. Yes, both are important,  but family, faith, work, money, and the environment we create matter too. Agreed?  We will be discussing all facets of a wholesome life in the days ahead.


Lets live healthy and whole, TOGETHER!


Faithfully Rooted,

Rebecca Gray

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